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Saturday, January 10, 2009 '
CLOSED! 10:11 PM
This blog is closed!
You can scroll down my tagboard.

That may solve some of your problems
Sorry for inconvenience

Sunday, November 30, 2008 '
Extra help! :D 6:33 PM
How to link people?

Linking people is easy.
This is
Lynn-blog help

Hover onto it.
a ♥Lynn blog help♥ will come out.
How to do it?

Instead :
title="♥Lynn blog help♥"
Edit if you want.

To link, insert :

Edit those in CAPS! :D

Monday, August 18, 2008 '
Pictures :] 4:59 AM
Notice that has a new 'thing'?
Kindly click that thing to edit pictures.

Effects do make SOME pictures nice.
But if your picture is already very nice, please do not deal with effects.
The result may be a terror.

The decorate icon do have a lot of things installed!
You can put in stickers which are also very nice when you put them properly.

The header on the top can almost tell you everything :]

Three simple steps.
And my final product from this

To this

Effects : Soften
Decorate : Sticker-butterfly
Borders - daisies
Geek : none. (Not needed)

Creating background image can also be possible, using decorate alone.
But a plain white image must be uploaded to your photobucket account :]

Thursday, August 14, 2008 '
CBOX help! 2:22 AM
I notice quite a number of people like to ask for the fonts and size of CBOX!
Perhaps this can help :]

(Click to enlarge)

How to insert CBOX smiles :D

Saturday, August 9, 2008 '
Smiles report 4:28 PM
A new set of smiles have been added ♥

Friday, August 8, 2008 '
Making of blogskins Part 2 5:08 PM
Step 2

Why some blogskins have two or three column?
How to do?
This is the code for it.
Change the left, right, top and width as stated.
That will give you a your desired number of column if you position is poperly.

Notice that some blogskins have two borders, or one, or why are some in and some out.
A few samples.

Credits :

The first blogskin has the headers 'in'.
If you notice carefully.

While the second one is out and it is quite obvious!

Why some in and why some out?
These are all HTML codes.

Now, I am doing to teach you to do header codes.
For my this blogskin, This is my code for one box.

Observe my codes.
Div class = _____
My 'div class' border, header 3, header 2 and box right

In my blog code, these are the codes for all of them

border (Actually, this is not really needed, you I just want borders to make it look nicer :])

Header 3

Header 2(This code is for people who wants two column like my current blogskin.)


If you want the columns to be in the box, you can use this code.

Notice that the change is that both the headers are in the box now?
It will look like this

If you click and see the picture, the 1st highlighted border has the 'out' effect, while the 2nd one has the 'in' effect!

Lastly, it is important to put in this code.
Why is it important?

When you put in the , obviously, you must put an end to it.
And the only way is to put
If you don't do that, this will be the result

If you still don't understand my tutorial I do offer one to one teaching provided I have time.
Those who read my tutorial blog, could you tell me if this helps or sucks.

Smilies Set 12:45 AM
As requested, this is the URL for all your smiles.
I took about an hour or so to compile them altogether.
Click here

So please kindly credit me.

If I don't see anyone crediting, have the rights to scold your!
This is the only rule if you want to use them

Blogskin Tutorial Part 2 will be posted tomorrow :]

© Lynn @ :]

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 '
Making of blogskin part I 5:42 AM
Dear Deanna suggested that I do tutorials on blogskins :]
I thought it was a good idea so!
Here is it, I have split it into three parts!
This is part one!

Step 1

1. Add title
Ever noticed blog titles?
If you did not not out anything, it will be your blog URL!
This is the code for title bar!

But before you out this, do put & and first!
Important arh!

2. Blogger bar
Some blogskins do not have blogger bar, but some has!
This is the code to prevent the appearance of the bar

3. Background colour
This is the code to put background colours.

You can also change to your desired colours.
You can use HTML colour codes too.
HTML colour codes webbie.
HTML colour codes
But before that!
Please put body {

4.Background image
Why do my blogskin background has strips?
Is it colour codes?
It's background image!
You can find them at
This is needed!

5. Scrollbar
Pretty scrollbars!
Want to make one yourself?
I can't help much but these webbie could :]

At the end of this, please put }
It's to show that you want to end the BODY PART!

I would like to get feedbacks and suggestions please.
Could your tell me if this information really helps.
If any tutorial blog want me to link, just tag :]

Sunday, August 3, 2008 '
How to insert a blogskin 4:13 AM
I'm struck!
I can't insert a blogskin!
What should I do?

Follow this steps.
Kindly click to enlarge pictures.

1. Click on EDIT HTML


3. Press OK

4. Look out for that thing.

5. Go to to search for your desire skin

6. Download it.

7. Copy the codes

8. Paste it in

9. Save it

10. POST!

With this, I hope it does help :]

Past tutorials
How to insert a blogskin
Smilies Set
Making of blogskins Part 1
Making of blogskins Part 2

Compile them all!
x o x o x

Anymore blog help?
Tag if you have any help or you simply want to comment


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