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Friday, August 8, 2008 '
Making of blogskins Part 2 5:08 PM
Step 2

Why some blogskins have two or three column?
How to do?
This is the code for it.
Change the left, right, top and width as stated.
That will give you a your desired number of column if you position is poperly.

Notice that some blogskins have two borders, or one, or why are some in and some out.
A few samples.

Credits :

The first blogskin has the headers 'in'.
If you notice carefully.

While the second one is out and it is quite obvious!

Why some in and why some out?
These are all HTML codes.

Now, I am doing to teach you to do header codes.
For my this blogskin, This is my code for one box.

Observe my codes.
Div class = _____
My 'div class' border, header 3, header 2 and box right

In my blog code, these are the codes for all of them

border (Actually, this is not really needed, you I just want borders to make it look nicer :])

Header 3

Header 2(This code is for people who wants two column like my current blogskin.)


If you want the columns to be in the box, you can use this code.

Notice that the change is that both the headers are in the box now?
It will look like this

If you click and see the picture, the 1st highlighted border has the 'out' effect, while the 2nd one has the 'in' effect!

Lastly, it is important to put in this code.
Why is it important?

When you put in the , obviously, you must put an end to it.
And the only way is to put
If you don't do that, this will be the result

If you still don't understand my tutorial I do offer one to one teaching provided I have time.
Those who read my tutorial blog, could you tell me if this helps or sucks.

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Compile them all!
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